Bridal bouquets

In order to offer bridal bouquets, it is necessary to take several factors into account, so as to to guarantee perfect results for one of the most important days of one's life. In addition to the essential aesthetic impact, the bouquet must be made so that it does not dirty or stain the bride's gown and gloves and by considering that the bride will hold it in her hands for a long time. This is why it will have to be light and easy to handle.

The traditional bridal bouquet never goes out of fashion, but, in addition to the classic version, there's a whole series of new trends that lead to the creation of original and alternative bouquets. Therefore, it is essential to rely on an expert who knows how to use a style that perfectly suits the context and wedding dress by avoiding stylistic discordant notes and making sure that everything is coordinated.

Bouquet types

There are many different types of bouquets, made according to the bride's height and her physical characteristics


  • Round and compact bouquet: made of small flowers, light and delicate, it is the one that best suits any type of height and figure and perfectly matches informal clothes as well.
  • Open and voluminous bouquet: great for tall and slender brides, for a dress that does not fall below the ankle. Everything has to be kept slightly below the waist level.
  • Cascading bouquet: bunches of flowers for the cascading bouquet, which, by drawing attention downwards, magnificently matches the gown's train. It creates a slimming effect for tall and robust brides
  • Bundled bouquet: elegant and refined, ideal for suits


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