Flower arrangements for churches

The floral decoration of the church is the most important and delicate phase the florist must deal with. He/she must be able to find the solution that best suits the architectural style of the holy place by also taking into account its specific lighting.

If we take the location's natural and characteristic plays of light into account, for example, it is clear that choosing a wrong flower arrangement colour could dramatically affect the overall effect of the decoration itself.

Realizzazione addobbi floreali per chiese

Customised floral arrangements

Everything has to be presented and created in a consistent and coordinated manner. For this reason, it is usually recommended that a basket is placed onto the altar and a larger composition at its base, in front of the bride and groom, and that the set-up is completed by small and delicate creations decorating the balustrades. The main chapel, the nave's benches, the entrance and the choir can be decorated as well. In any case, all decorations must suit the location perfectly by following its size and architectural type.

In order to ensure consistency and coordination, the analysis of the place's style must always be the starting point. The simplicity of a Romanesque church is suitable for equally simple and not numerous floral arrangements for weddings. A baroque church will instead require furnishings and draperies matching the romantic style of an ancient church.

The set-up of churches for weddings that take place in a majestic cathedral will, on the other hand, require magnificent decorations matching the building's splendour.

A modern church will instead allow for freer imagination and experimentation with alternative solutions. Finally, the ideal solution for a small country church is simple decorations and arrangements adorned with ears of corn, fruits and coloured ribbons.

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