Flowers for location set-up

City Hall weddings

Saverio Veronico deals with the set-up of wedding locations with the utmost knowledge and professionalism.

In case of civil rites celebrated in the City Hall, although it is usually its personnel who deals with floral arrangements for weddings, it is always possible to decorate the room with a customised choice subject to agreement with the City Hall itself.

A flower wreath or a floral arrangement in front of the table and two on the sides and delicate and small bouquets for the chairs are able to give that personal touch that makes the difference.

Wedding reception

As far as wedding receptions are concerned, it is necessary that flowers and decorations match the rooms' style and their furnishings. Two aspects must be taken into account:


  • the need to ensure overall aesthetic continuity by recalling the stylistic choices of the floral arrangements previously chosen for the church and the bouquet;
  • the arrangements must be placed in a low position so as to not block the view and movements of both staff and guests.

Flower arrangements inside the location

Saverio Veronico provides decorations inside the chosen location with the taste and style that characterise him. Elegant arrangements at the location's entrance, refined centrepieces for the buffet table and small baskets for individual tables will give the restaurant a delicate charm. And, to decorate the wedding cake, there will be flowers delicately scattered on its surface.

If, instead, the lunch or buffet takes place in a country house or a villa with garden, the gardener arranging plants and flowers will be just enough.

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